YouTube Rewind Video Turns Off After 10 Years, Here’s Why

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Launched in 2011, YouTube always closes the year by showing a compilation video entitled YouTube Rewind. Rewind videos uploaded annually highlight the biggest moments, creators and trends on YouTube over the past year.
But now after 10 years of operation YouTube decided to end it. The reason is because it is considered not representative of all creators.

“Thanks to all the creators involved in Rewind. Over the years, we’ve seen that a single Rewind created by YouTube may not reflect our entire community of creators.” wrote YouTube on its official Twitter account.

instead of Rewind, YouTube is also planning a different experience to keep its users entertained. In addition, YouTube also thanks all the creators who have been involved in the production of Youtube Rewind.

“Thanks to all the creators involved in Rewind. We’ll focus on your Rewind as we refocus our energies on celebrating you and the trends that are making YouTube a different and updated type of experience,” they wrote.

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