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Wow Marquez Callaway caught everyone’s attention; New Orleans Saints – The New Orleans Saints are hoping to see a big jump from senior receiver Marquis Calloway this year, and so far, he shows he can do just that.

Callaway is entering his second year in the NFL after not being selected in the Tennessee Draft last year. He didn’t do much in the junior season, but that’s to be expected of a UDFA rookie.

Wow Marquez Callaway caught everyone's attention; New Orleans Saints
Wow Marquez Callaway caught everyone’s attention; New Orleans Saints

But this year, Callaway is thriving in her new role. Oftentimes, non-manufactured players aren’t looking to become their team’s WR1 after just two years into their career, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that’s exactly what’s happening with Callaway.

Chris Rowling of Bleacher Report wrote how Callaway is one of the league’s first defecting candidates and had the following to say:

After getting some attention in training camp, Callaway showed himself in his first pre-season game for the New Orleans Saints, collecting three passes for 61 yards with four goals. It might not sound like much, but the 2020 free agent spent last season scoring just 27 goals in 11 games.

Athletic’s Catherine Terrell reports that Calaway was a favorite target for James Winston and Tysum Hill during camp.

With a clearly well-established relationship with passer-by and No. 1 receiver Michael Thomas after ankle surgery in June, Callaway is off to a clear start.

Callaway will probably be a Saints start regardless, but watching him have a good summer was a great sight. He’s already passed Tre’Quan Smith in production this off-season (although Smith did get injured, to be fair) and he’s stunning both in practice and pre-season.

New Orleans Saints WR Marquis Calaway flourishes in a new role
Callaway ended his rookie season with 21 receptions for 213 yards in 11 games and three starts. He will see more playing time in 2021 and hopefully he will be able to do what no receiver other than Michael Thomas has done, which will have a huge impact on attack.

As Rowling points out in the hype posted above, Callaway is a favorite for quarterbacks vying for the first job. This will be important because whoever is called a beginner is likely to look forward to Callaway during games.

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Saints Callaway fans know all too well what he can do, but he will soon become a much bigger name in the rest of the league.

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