WhatsApp Develops New Voice Message Player

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WhatsApp lately often brings updates for the voice messages feature or voice messages. After releasing a feature that allows users to listen to voice messages at different speeds, this time WhatsApp developed a voicemail player with a new style.
This new feature called ‘global voice message player’ was discovered by the WABetaInfo page. Currently the feature is still in the development stage, so it is not yet available to the public and will only be released in future WhatsApp updates for Android and iOS.

This feature is called global because the voicemail player will be placed at the top of the application and is always visible when the user opens any part of the WhatsApp application . Users can also pause voice messages and close the player at any time.

This global voicemail player feature will be very useful when users receive voice messages that are long in duration, but need to reply to messages in other chats. With this feature, users can still move and reply to other chats without having to stop the voice message being listened to.

WABetaInfo said this feature was discovered while still under development on WhatsApp for iOS. But WhatsApp is also planning to develop the same feature for its Android app.

WABetaInfo also stressed that since this feature is still under development, there is a possibility that WhatsApp will change the appearance of the global voicemail player, either in color or in its interface, before it is publicly released.

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