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New netflix reality games – Who is part of the all-star cast of Netflix’s ‘Reality Games’?

etflix is ​​presenting viewers with a crossover event with its “Reality Games” programme.


Meet the Cast


The show features contestants from the Netflix originals “Love Is Blind,” “The Circle,” and “Too Hot to Handle.” Reality TV favorites will compete in many sports and win the Netflix Reality Trophy. Sounds like good healthy fun.

Let’s meet the Netflix stars who will be competing in the first ever ‘reality games’!

‘Love Is Blind’ is represented by real married couples Amber Pike, Matt Barnett, Lorraine Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton. The couple also recently appeared in three episodes of “Love Is Blind”, “After the Altar”.

The four contestants on “Love Is Blind” are the only members of the show who have married and remain together.

“The Circle” represents Sammie Cimarelli and Joey Sasso from Season 1, Courtney Revolution and DeLeesa Unique from Season 2. Sammie and Joey formed a close bond during their time at “The Circle”. DeLeesa expertly captured the contestants during Season 2, playing her real-life husband.

“Too Hot to Handle” stars Francesca Farago and Harry Gossi from season 1, Melinda Melrose and Chase Demore from season 2. Chloe Fitch is notably absent from the “Reality Games” cast, who appeared in “Too Hot. to Handle” and “The Circle.”

Joey Sasso shared a photo on Instagram of “Reality Games” representatives wearing T-shirts of different colors to show off their teams. Each reality show represents a different team. This means that he is the cast of “Love Is Blind” versus the cast of “Too Hot to Handle” versus the cast of “The Circle”. I hope the best reality show wins!

Courtney of “The Circle” commented to the post, “Teamwork makes the dream work (or the team moves if you’re on the team).”

Reality Games will not be available on Netflix. Instead, it will be broadcast on Netflix’s YouTube channel. The first episode of “Reality Games” begins on August 18 at 7 PM. Eastern time. Episodes 2 and 3 will air on August 19 and 20, respectively.

The games will be hosted by Chrishel Stause of “Sell Sunset”. Stause shared a photo on Instagram of the cast and wrote in the caption that the games consist of “three stressful events.”

All three episodes are titled “Put a Ring”, “Too Hot to Cheat” and “Stop at the Finish Line”.

Netflix never stops adding new content worth watching month after month. A new comedy-drama series, “The Chair,” starring Sandra Oh, will premiere on August 20. The plot description on Netflix reads: “In a major university, the first female president of color attempts to meet the staggering demands and high expectations of a failing English department.”

“The Chair” is the latest project from producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the masterminds of ‘Game of Thrones’.

On August 25, a new series starring Adrian Grenier titled Clickbait will be released. The plot description on Netflix reads: “When family man Nick Brewer is kidnapped in a crime with a sinister twist on the Internet, those close to him run to see who is behind it and why.”

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