How to View Remaining iCloud Storage on iPhone and iPad

How to View Remaining iCloud Storage on iPhone and iPad

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Apple provides free iCloud storage space of 5GB for its users. Although not much, but for some people this is enough to store important files.

But if you need more iCloud storage space, you can subscribe to a larger iCloud plan.

Here’s how to view the remaining iCloud storage on your iPad or iPhone.

How to View Remaining iCloud Storage on iPhone and iPad

How to View iCloud Storage Remaining

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to an iCloud account. If not, please login .

Then go to the Settings menu , then tap your Apple ID profile photo. You can reach it easily because the Apple ID photo is quite large at the top of the Settings menu .

In the Apple ID menu, you will see several menus related to your Apple ID. Select iCloud .

Well, this is what we’re looking for. As you can see, there will be a percentage of your iCloud usage. For example as in the screenshot below.

Based on the screenshot above, I have used 4.3 GB of iCloud from 5 GB.

You can also see there are different colors, each color represents the type of files stored in iCloud, there are photos, documents, to backup applications.


What Happens If My iCloud Is Full?

You might be wondering what will happen if your iCloud is full? Actually nothing serious is going to happen.

However, you cannot save additional data to iCloud again.

New photos you take on your iPhone and iPad won’t be backed up to iCloud. Likewise with the application and game data that you just downloaded .

Everything won’t be backed up to iCloud until you free up some iCloud storage or buy a plan with more storage space.


Tips to Save iCloud Storage Space

For those of you who only use 5GB of free iCloud storage space provided by Apple, then you have to be smart in saving it.

Try to keep only the most important files in iCloud. Delete files that are not important and are no longer used.

Likewise with photos and videos. Only save photos and videos that are important.

Remove duplicate photos. This is very often we do when taking selfie photos . We often take photos in one style but there are many.

This can make your iCloud storage space run out quickly.

If you have a video that is too large, then consider saving it on an external storage such as a flash drive .

That way, your Androbuntu friend’s iCloud storage space will not fill up quickly.

Don’t forget, app and game data is also backed up in iCloud. Please check which apps and games are using a lot of iCloud storage.

If the app or game is not very important, then you can delete its data from iCloud.

You can also store some of your data in other cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Mega.

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