How to Edit Photos with Error Effects on PicsArt

How to Edit Photos with Error Effects on PicsArt

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Many people are looking for how to add a sticker that says error in their photo.

Indeed, stickers with error words are currently viral and are widely used by social media users to add to their photos.

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even WhatsApp.

For those of you who don’t know how to make it, don’t worry.

Because basically how to make photos with error writing effects is very easy.

How to Edit Photos with Error Effects on PicsArt

You don’t need to have any design skills at all. You also don’t need a laptop or computer, because Androbuntu friends can use an Android phone or iPhone.

The application that we will use is PicsArt. If you often edit photos on your phone, then you should already know this app.

How to Edit Photos with Error Effects on PicsArt

If you don’t have the PicsArt application, please download the application in the App Store or Play Store first. If so, continue by following the tutorial below:

  • First, open the photo you want to edit using PicsArt. Then just tap the Stickers menu .
  • Then tap the search field. Then search with the keyword “error” .
  • Then Buddy Androbuntu will see that there are many “error” themed stickers that appear in the search results. Please select the one you want to use.
  • The error sticker will then be in your photo. Adjust the size and position to fit.
  • Usually, people put these error stickers on their eyes. But you are free to put it anywhere.
  • If so, tap the Check button at the top right of the PicsArt application.
  • To save a photo with a sticker, tap the Save button .
  • As you can see, there are quite a number of error stickers with various variations.
  • There are those that only display error writings , there are also those that display error writings plus horns.
  • There’s even a sticker with the words error + horn + heart on the top.
  • Usually, people use all three types of stickers and share them on social media.

Additional Tips

If you want to use this horn sticker in your photo, then try to use a bright photo.

That way these horn stickers can be in harmony with the photo. If the photo is too dark, the resulting photo will be weird because there is a color mismatch between the main photo and the sticker.

The position of your face in the photo also needs to be considered. Make sure your face is facing forward.

Also make sure your photos have a sharp resolution. If the photo is blurry, then again, this sticker will not match the photo.

To zoom in or out on a sticker, you can use the zoom in or zoom out gesture .

Meanwhile, to adjust the level of inclination of the sticker, use two fingers and then rotate it in the desired direction.

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