How to Download Photos and Videos on Telegram to Gallery

How to Download Photos and Videos on Telegram to Gallery

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Like WhatsApp, Signal and Messengers, we can send not only text messages but also multimedia messages such as pictures and videos.

You can use this for many things. First, of course is to send photos and pictures to your friends or colleagues. Be it work related or personal.

Not only that, you can take advantage of this to send a large number of pictures and videos. Because the email itself has a video size limit that cannot exceed 25MB.

So Telegram can be a great way to send pictures and videos to each other.

But for users who have just used Telegram, sometimes they will be confused about how to save the images and videos that they get on Telegram.

If you are one of them, follow the tutorial below.

How to Download Photos and Videos on Telegram to Gallery

Automatic Way

The first way that you can do is the automatic method, which means that every time you get a photo and video submission , everything will be stored in the gallery without the need to download it manually.

Not only photos and videos that are sent privately, but also those sent in Telegram groups that you follow. Here’s how:

  • Open the Telegram app, then go to the Settings menu .
  • After that select the Chat Settings menu .
  • Scroll down, then you will find the Save to Gallery option Activate the feature.
  • After the above features are activated, now all photos and videos sent to you on Telegram will be automatically saved in the gallery.

Note: If you follow a lot of groups on Telegram, I don’t recommend enabling the above feature.

Especially because groups on Telegram are usually followed by thousands of people and many send photos and videos to the group.

If you activate the above feature, then your phone’s internal storage will potentially be full of pictures and videos from Telegram groups.

Especially if you use a data package, it will run out quickly because it is used to download photos and videos from groups.

The above feature is only suitable to be activated if you only follow a few groups on Telegram.


Manual way

This second method is a manual method, which means you have to select the photos and videos that you want to save in the gallery. Suitable for use if you follow a lot of groups on Telegram.

That way, your internal storage will not be full of pictures and videos sent by group members. While you can still save the pictures and videos you want.

  • Please enter the chat, then select the image or video you want to save to the gallery. After that, on the video or image, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and select Save to gallery.
  • Now please check the gallery on your cellphone, then the image or video has been saved and you can view it anytime without an internet connection.
  • This second method is suitable if you don’t want to save all the images and videos sent to you.
  • This will save internet quota and also the phone’s internal storage.

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