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let’s try a covid test near me hopefully it’s useful

Screening Clinics and Fever – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

covid testing near me

If you feel bad:

Get the test today
Stay home and isolate until you get the results and the symptoms resolve.
Testing helps us find as many cases in the community as possible as quickly as possible. This will ensure that we are doing everything we can to manage Queensland’s response to the pandemic.

If you have any of the following symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, get tested:

FeverFever                                  CoughCough                        Vomiting or nauseaVomiting or nausea
CoughCough                               Sore throatSore throat                  Loss of smellLoss of tasteLoss of smell and/or taste
Runny noseRunny nose                     Shortness of breathShortness of breath
DiarrhoeaDiarrhoea                       FatigueFatigue

Other symptoms that people may experience include muscle or joint pain and loss of appetite.

Call emergency services at 000 if you are very sick.

Where is the test?
If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you can visit:

your local doctor
Before your appointment, call ahead and tell them your symptoms so they can prepare for your visit.

If you are unable to go to your local GP or testing clinic due to special or individual circumstances, your GP can conduct a phone consultation and then arrange an appointment to pick it up at home with a private pathology provider.

fever clinics
Fever clinics are specialized clinics run by the hospital and health services that test people who may have COVID-19. These clinics help keep people who may be infectious from other areas of hospitals and health centers. This helps reduce the potential spread of the virus and keeps the emergency department available for emergencies.

Please note that during peak periods, waiting times at our fever clinics can be up to a few hours. If your nearest test center experiences delays, check other sites. Please check opening hours before leaving the house and bring water, a hat and sunscreen in case it is needed.

Please remember social distance while waiting.

Test clinics are available for people with COVID-19 symptoms who are not feeling well. If you feel well and need a test (for example, if you plan to go back to your home country), you can see a GP for a referral to a private pathology provider and avoid contact with people who are not well near you in a clinic.

Respiratory clinics
Respiratory clinics are physician-led (GP) clinics that provide face-to-face evaluations, tests, and treatments for people with mild to moderate respiratory symptoms. This includes COVID-19 testing.

You should make an appointment at a respiratory clinic if you have symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19. Clinics are for everyone, including children.

Clinics are free (at no cost), even if you don’t have a Medicare card. Reservation Required: Find the nearest clinic and book your appointment through HotDoc ​​or by calling 1800 022222.

Respiratory clinics are supported by the PHN (Primary Health Networks) and funded through the Commonwealth Department of Health.


Online bookings for COVID-19 tests
You can book a test appointment at the following clinics:

  • Atherton Hospital COVID-19 Transit Clinic: Atherton Showgrounds
    Browns Plains Community Health Center: Middle Rd & Wineglass Dr, Hillcrest QLD, 4118
    Cairns COVID-19 Transit Clinic Hospital: 43 Umüller Street, Cairns, 4870
    Cairns Hospital Fever Testing Clinic: 165 Esplanade, Cairns, 4870
    Innisfail Drive via COVID-19 testing clinic: Innisfail Showgrounds
    Mackay Showgrounds: P7 Mackay Showgrounds Shed
    Suspicious: Borzy Park Band Hall, Choco Road
    Matter Pathology – Cleveland Respiratory Clinic: 46-50 Middle Street, Cleveland, 4163
    Mossman COVID-19 Test: The entrance on Johnston Road to Hospital Street
    PA Hospital Community Screening Clinic: 20 Cornwall Street, Annerley, 4103
    Redland Clinic: Weippin St, Cleveland, 4163
    Tolly Hospital: 17 Bryant Street, Tolly 4854
    Tully Hospital COVID-19 has crossed clinic: 17 Bryant Street, Tully, 4854

Online bookings will be extended to more test locations soon.

Find your nearest COVID-19 testing center
Website last updated on: Monday 23 August 2021

To find the nearest COVID-19 testing location, see the map below or call your local hospital, or call 134 COVID (134268).

covid testing near me


To support Queensland’s response to COVID-19, individuals who do not have adequate insurance coverage and who are not eligible for Medicare will not be charged out-of-pocket costs if they report to any Queensland health facility for an assessment in relation to a COVID-19 infection.

About the testing process

COVID-19 testing involves collecting swabs from the nose (inside the nose) or throat, and/or sputum (coughed up mucus). These samples are then taken to the nearest laboratory set up for COVID-19 testing.

If you have been tested for COVID-19 but are not really sick, they will send you home for isolation while you wait for your test results. This may take several days.

If you are really sick, you may be admitted to the hospital for treatment. If you become ill while waiting for results, call your doctor or call an ambulance. Be sure to tell them that you are waiting for your COVID-19 test results.

If the result is positive, you will receive a call from a doctor or public health nurse telling you what to do next.

If the result is negative, your doctor or the clinic that performed the test may tell you. Depending on where the test is taken, you may receive an automated SMS. If a notice is issued directing you to self-quarantine, you must remain in self-quarantine until the expiration date on the notice, even if the test result is negative. This is because you can still develop a COVID-19 infection.

If you are waiting for a test result, the people you live with and other close people do not need to be quarantined unless instructed to do so by your local public health unit. They should stay away from the patient as much as possible. If they test positive, they may be evaluated as a close contact and then they will need to be quarantined.

Are you still waiting for results?
If you have been tested at a public health facility in Queensland and have not received a call or SMS notification and would like to follow up on your negative test result, you can contact the Queensland Pathologist at 1800472847.

Wait at least 36 to 48 hours after collecting the test. This service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Hours may be extended during extended and elevated test periods.

Anyone who has had tests in Mater Pathology, QML, Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology, MedLab, or 4Cyte Pathology can get the results from your GP or directly from a private pathology provider.

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