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TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free is a helpful app that makes managing your disk space simple, by supplying accurate views of just how much area any provided group of data is taking up on your computer. You can start TreeSize Free from the context menu of a folder or drive. It shows you the size of this folder, including its subfolders. If you need to see even more inforegarding any kind of subfolders, you can increase folders and also can see the dimension of every subfolder.
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Title : TreeSize Free 

Version : 8.0

Publiser :

License :

Size : 619MB

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 10


Key Features Include:
  • Locate disk room problems.
  • Screen free space on mobile phones.
  • In-depth summary.
TreeSize Free is pretty functional as it has the ability to check hard drives and also mobile phones via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and also WebDAV. It is likewise able to check network shares as well as cloud drives. As TreeSize Free makes use of the MTF (Master File Table) for neighborhood NTFS drives, it ensures ultra-fast, secure scans, Download TreeSize Free for PC
TreeSize Free Download

You can quickly navigate folders and their sizes by trick, color coded visualisation bars. The interface is clean and fresh revealing you a pile of data including NTFS compression rates. The column sight offers thorough info about files and folders including size, occupied disk space, variety of documents, last gain access to, and also owner, Download TreeSize Free for Windows

In general, this useful little utility inhabits very little disk space, uses a percentage of system resources as well as has an intuitive interface on standard as well as touch enabled tools.

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